Varza rosie cu smantana si mustar

Azi va propun o reteta care se prepara foarte usor si este foarte gustoasa. Poate fi servita ca si garnitura sau preparat lacto-vegetarian de sine statator.



  • O varza rosie mica (sau jumatate de varza mai maricica), taiata fideluta, spalata;
  • 200g smantana sau iaurt in stil grecesc;
  • 1 lingura de mustar dulce;
  • Sare, piper.


Varza se pune pe foc intr-o tigaie mai adanca, se adauga putina apa si niste sare (varza va lasa si ea apa, deci nu puneti foarte multa, mai puteti completa pe parcurs cu apa fierbinte daca scade prea mult). Lasati la foc mic circa 20 de minute (sau pana se inmoaie varza). Cand varza este suficient de moale pentru gustul dvs., adaugati smantana (iaurtul) si mustarul, amestecati bine, asezonati cu sare daca mai este nevoie si cu piper macinat. Pofta buna!

varza rosie cu smantana si mustar


Today I have for you a very easy to-do recipe and a very tasty one, as well. It can be served as a side dish but also as a lacto-vegetarian main.



  • A small red cabbage (or half of a bigger one), thinly sliced, washed;
  • 200g cream or Greek style yoghurt;
  • 1 tablespoon mustard;
  • Salt, pepper.


Put the cabbage to cook in a deep pan, with a bit of water and some salt (the cabbage will also let water out, so don’t add too much of it, you can complete further with hot water if needed). Let it simmer on low heat for 20 minutes (or until the cabbage softens). When the cabbage is done properly for your taste, add the cream/yoghurt and the mustard, mix it well, season with more salt, if needed and ground pepper. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Varza rosie cu smantana si mustar

  1. De obicei, varza rosie doar o calesc cu putina sare, piper si poate putin usturoi, dar putin. Am sa incerc si aceasta varianta, asa cum am incercat si varianta cu ananas 🙂 Interesanta combinatie si ne-a placut tuturor! Multumim de reteta!

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