Un copac cu flori – Stefan Hrusca

Un cantec de primavara foarte frumos. Am tradus versurile in engleza mai jos.

A beautiful spring song. Take a look at the translated lyrics.



A tree in bloom


Often when I look at you

Here on Earth I dream

That I am a tree in bloom;

And I go out on the highroad

With a green leafed smile

To embrace you at dawn.

Some are always in a rush

And they don’t see that I bloom

So often for them;

But those in love

And the children stop:

“Look, there’s a tree in bloom”



A tree in bloom

And a forgotten piece of sky

A tree in bloom

It’s everything I’ve got to offer you

A tree in bloom

So I may embrace you all

A tree in bloom

That’s what my life is about.


When I see an open window

At night, when you’re dreaming

Full of flowers I wandered;

And I often appear in dreams

Only if you imagine

That I truly exist;

Only you, my love,

Don’t show yourself at the window

So I may embrace you.

Even if my heart is sinking

Allow me this only chance

To bloom at your gate…



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