Supa de ceapa – Onion Soup

O reteta extrem de simpla si la indemana oricui este supa de ceapa. Varianta aceasta cred ca este cea mai usoara si nu necesita multe ingrediente. Eu o fac din cand in cand si va garantez ca este excelenta.


  • 800g – 1kg ceapa (de preferinta amestec – alba, rosie si galbena, dar merge si daca aveti doar un sortiment);
  • 1,5 L apa sau supa de legume;
  • 35-40g unt;
  • paprika, sare, piper;
  • paine bagheta sau toast;
  • branza dupa gust (cascaval, parmezan, cedar, branza cu mucegai, ce aveti si preferati).

Se curata ceapa, se spala, se taie solzisori. Se pune intr-o oala unt la topit si se adauga ceapa. Se gateste amestecand circa 15 minute, pana se inmoaie. Se adauga paprika dupa gust. Se toarna apa (supa) si se lasa la fiert in jur de 40 de minute. Se asezoneaza cu sare si piper. Se opreste focul.

Intr-o tava cu hartie de copt se asaza felii de bagheta sau toast cu branza la alegere deasupra, se baga in cuptorul incins unde se lasa cateva minute pana se rumeneste painea si se topeste branza.

Se serveste supa cu cruton deasupra. Pofta buna!

supa de ceapa flickr

Note: photo is not mine it’s from flickr (I ate it too fast and forgot to take a photo :D)

A very simple and handy recipe for everyone is onion soup. This version I think it’s the easiest and ir doesn’t require many ingredients.I make it from time to time and I guarantee it’s excellent.


  • 800g – 1kg onion (preferably a mix – white, red, yellow onion, but it works with one sort only);
  • 1.5 L water or vegetable soup;
  • 35-40g butter;
  • paprika, salt, pepper;
  • baguette or toast;
  • cheese according to your taste (parmezan, cedar, blue cheese, whatever you fancy).

Peel the onion, wash it and cut it thin slices. Put the butter on low medium heat in a pot to melt, then add the onion and cook stirring from time to time about 15 minutes. Add paprika according to taste. Pour the water (or soup) and let it simmer around 40 minutes. Season with salt and pepper. Remove from heat.

In an oven tray with baking paper put some loaves of baguette or toast with cheese of your choice on top, put it into the hot oven. Leave it in for a couple of minutes until the bread is golden and the cheese melts. Serve the soup with crouton on top. Enjoy!

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