Ciorba cu afumatura si cartofi

Acesta este un preparat foarte gustos pentru zilele reci si va prezint, ca de obicei, varianta usoara. Se foloseste orice afumatura aveti si preferati, eu in ultima vreme folosesc un carnat gros, afumat.


  • o punga cu legume congelate pentru ciorba, gata taiate;
  • 2-3 cartofi taiati cuburi;
  • o mana de orez;
  • afumatura de care aveti (eu am taiat felii un carnat gros, afumat);
  • optional, o conserva de rosii taiate;
  • acreala dupa preferinta (bors, zeama de varza, suc de lamaie etc.) Eu folosesc suc de lamaie si un praf de Bors Magic;
  • maghiran uscat, patrunjel, sare, piper, optional Mirodenia.

Puneti circa 2L de apa la fiert. Cand fierbe, puneti o lingurita de sare si legumele congelate. Cand fierbe din nou, adaugati afumatura taiata. Lasati la fiert circa 10 minute, adaugati cartofii si orezul, lasati sa fiarba la foc mic inca 15-20 minute. Daca doriti cu rosii, adaugati-le acum, daca nu treceti direct la acrirea ciorbei dupa gust. Asezonati cu sare, piper, Mirodenia daca vreti, lasati sa fiarba inca 5 minute, presarati maghiran si patrunjel. Opriti focul. Pofta buna!

ciorba cu afumatura si cartofi

This is a very tasy dish for the colder days and I present to you, like usually the easy version. You can use any smoked meat you have and prefer, I ‘ve been using lately smoked sausage.


  • frozen vegetables for soup;
  • 2-3 potatoes, diced;
  • some rice;
  • smoked meat of your choice (I sliced a thick, smoked sausage);
  • optional, a can of chopped tomatoes;
  • the sour agent of your choice (a Romanian traditional wheat fermented product called “bors”, sauerkraut brine, lemon juice etc.) I use lemon juice with a drop of Bors Magic, but it’s fine with lemon juice only – according to your taste;
  • dry marjoram, parsley, salt, pepper, extra dried vegetables products if you like some more flavour.

Put around 2L water to boil. When it boils, add a teaspoon of salt and the frozen vegetables. When it starts boiling again, add the sliced smoked meat or sausage. Let it simmer 10 minutes, add the potatoes and rice, let it simmer again for 15 to 20 minutes. If you wish to add the tomatoes, do it now, if not proceed to sour the soup after your taste. Season with salt and pepper. Let it simmer another 5 minutes, sprinkle marjoram and parsley. Remove from heat. Enjoy!

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