Loredana – Give Me 5

Because this month is dedicated to the women, I thought about sharing great music, as I try to do every time, this time coming from some female artists that I like very much.

I will start with Loredana, she is a Romanian artist with a fine career spread over three decades who always tried to reinvent herself, to bring quality and vibe to her music and I believe she succeeded very well in doing it.

The first song is also her debut song, a masterpiece from the 80’s which I enjoy listening at every time. “Bună seara, iubito!” – “Good Evening, my Love!

This song, “Extravaganza” is a very cool song, bringing a very fresh touch at the time it was released.

Mărioara de la Gorj” is an amazing Romanian folklore piece, made famous by the one and only Maria Tănase. Loredana did a very good job in bringing this song again to attention in 2001.

Gipsy Love” is another of the songs with a folk and ethno vibe, it benefits from a daring rhythm and some passionate romantic lyrics.

This song is a colaboration, one of the newest songs released by Loredana not long ago. The style of the artists – Zdob și Zdub, Loredana and the Russian rapper Legalize – mixes very well and creates a good atmosphere with their specific touch – “Balkana Mama“, a reinterpretation in Russian of another well known Romanian folklore song – “La cârciuma de pe drum“.

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