Va invit sa savurati acest fel de mancare delicios. Aceasta este varianta fara carne. Cine doreste poate sa adauge ceva afumatura, mie imi place foarte mult si fara.


  • o punga legume congelate pentru ciorba;
  • un zucchini mediu, spalat, cuburi;
  • un ardei gras rosu, spalat, cuburi;
  • o mana de orez;
  • o conserva fasole rosie;
  • o conserva mazare;
  • o conserva rosii taiate;
  • sare, piper, busuioc, maghiran, oregano;
  • putin ulei extravirgin de masline;
  • sos pesto pentru servit.

Puneti la fiert circa 2L apa. Cand fierbe, adaugati o lingurita de sare si legumele congelate. In momentul cand da iar in clocot, puneti zucchini, ardeiul si orezul, lasati sa fiarba la foc mic 15-20 de minute. Asezonati cu sare si piper dupa gust, adaugati conservele scurse de fasole, mazare si rosii precum si ierburile (uscate sau proaspete, de care aveti). Opriti focul, adaugati putin ulei extravirgin de masline. Serviti cald sau rece, cu pesto genovez. Pofta buna!


I invite you to enjoy this delicious dish. This is the meatless version. Those who want can add some smoked meat, I like it a lot without it as well.


  • one bag frozen soup vegetables;
  • a medium size zucchini, washed, diced;
  • a red bell pepper, washed, diced;
  • a handful of rice;
  • a can Red Kidney beans;
  • a can peas;
  • a can diced tomatoes;
  • salt, pepper, basil, marjoram, oregano;
  • a drop of olive oil;
  • Genovese pesto, to serve.

Put around 2 L water to boil. When this happens, add a teaspoon of salt and the frozen vegetables. When it starts boiling again, add the zucchini, the red pepper and the rice, let it simmer on low heat for 15-20 minutes. Season with salt and pepper according to your taste, add the drained beans, peas and the tomatoes as well as the herbs (dried or fresh, whichever you’ve got). Remove from heat, add a drop of extravirgin olive oil. Serve warm or cold, with the Genovese pesto. Enjoy!

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