Salata de paste cu ton – Tuna and Pasta Salad

De sezon!



  • 400g paste scurte (ex. Fusilli);
  • un ardei gras rosu, spalat, taiat cuburi;
  • 50g masline fara samburi;
  • capere, dupa gust;
  • o conserva ton;
  • o conserva boabe porumb;
  • sare, piper, ulei de masline, suc de lamaie.

Se pun pastele la fiert conform indicatiilor. Se strecoara. Caliti ardeiul in putin ulei de masline cateva minute. Intr-un bol mare amestecati pastele cu maslinele, tonul taiat bucati, caperele, ardeiul si porumbul. Asezonati dupa gust cu sare, piper si suc de lamaie. Pofta buna!

Salata de paste cu tonIngredients:

  • 400g short pasta (e.g. Fusilli);
  • a red sweet pepper, washed, diced;
  • 50g olives, pits removed;
  • capers, according to your taste;
  • a tuna can;
  • a can sweet corn;
  • salt, pepper, olive oil, lemon juice.

Put pasta to boil according to specifications. Drain. Cook the pepper for a few minutes in a drop of olive oil. In a large bowl mix the pasta with the olives, the tuna cut to pieces, capers…

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