To Every Collegiate Poetry Snob

Well, that’s a statement! I recommend it, and the posts that follow!

Timeless Classics


Here follow some illustrative
Posts, which may perspective give
To any academic snob
Insinuates might do my job
Better than I do myself
(Unworthy of my wretched pelf,
Such pathetic verses airing
Among the carefully uncaring):

I can easily conform
To the constraints of any form
— Most difficult! And yet, the while,
Do it, as well, in any style
Previously dignified
By your regard (now rarefied):
Don’t approve of rhythmic rhyme
Formerly you thought sublime?

Wipe your nose on Edgar Guest
Browning, Blake, and all the rest,
Sounding “valueless” the siren
On the verses of Lord Byron?
Can’t find wisdom, pathos, fun
In the works of Dickinson?
Don’t fret — I do accommodate
In the breadth of what I create

Both the radical e.e.
And the divine Dorothy…
My claim’s awesome — ‘twould behoove it
I bestir myself to prove it!
That’s what I intend to do

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