Firefight – Brandon Sanderson

Recunosc, a trecut ceva timp de când am citit Steelheart, un roman distopic young adult care mi-a plăcut surprinzător de mult, zic surprinzător din cauza faptului că nu prea citesc genul, dar în același timp deloc surprinzător, fiindcă e scris de Brandon Sanderson și nu cred, la acest moment, că mai poate fi ceva scris … Continue reading Firefight – Brandon Sanderson

La vâsle

sursa: pixabay Este o mare de poeți. Pe pluta mea din vremuri vechi Urcați-vă care puteți. Când rimei îi găsiți perechi, Când ritmul sună în urechi, Poeții, veseli, sunt atleți.   vâslind pe valurile vieții   Să închinăm acest pahar, Această cupă care pare Cam obosită celor care Susțin că ritmul n-are har. E toba … Continue reading La vâsle


sursa: Pixabay     I was just numb, I was just dumb, and yet I feel. I was so week, I was so meek, and yet I dare. I was so low, I was so slow, and yet I rise. I was just cheap, I was just beep, and yet I dream. Defy me not, … Continue reading I

The Book

A poem written by me for World Book Day, two years ago.



I traveled in amazing worlds,
I’ve met the heroes of the past,
I don’t know what the future holds
I’ve seen the possible tie fast

And many destinies in row
Under my eyes their dance beginning,
In a continuous, endless flow
From their creators’ minds kept streaming.

Some say: ”Why open it at all?
It’s all inventions, maybe lies.”
But with their charm in love we fall
And live with them thousands of lives.

Do not deny this precious line
Set between ages and connections,
Between the blessing and the time
A present for the generations.

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The Spring Lookbook | 2021 |

Excellent choices for the warm season.

That Chic Fashion - Ankita Jaiswal

SPRING has finally arrived with a burst of positivity and optimism after dealing with the cold for so long. The weather is warm, trees get leaves, fresh buds bloom. It’s the perfect weather before summer comes with its crazy temperatures.

So, here’s sharing 6 different spring outfit ideas for you all to try.

I hope you all like it. Let’s get started.

# Slip Into Shorts

Starting with this super cute shorts outfit. You will never go wrong with the floral in the spring time. Try pairing a colorful spaghetti top or a tank with floral shorts for a comfy casual feel. To join the look further, carry a sling bag, put on some dainty necklaces, and step into a nice pair of heels. If you are not a heels person, you can switch to flats or sneakers anytime. Just make sure that you don’t go for any…

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sursa: flickr Deasupra orașului sclipeau stelele, Făceau cu ochiul trecătorilor Ca niște cochete de pe șoselele Triste, în așteptarea zorilor.   Plutea un aer de ploaie și nori Dintr-un univers paralel și probabil Din care se revărsau călători Aspirați de un flux viu, palpabil.   Și deodată, aurora pe cer izbucni Rupând în fâșii intunecimile … Continue reading Lumina